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Rugby Page

This is Ian Jones and I at theWorld Rugby Conference in Lake Placid, New York. Inan played for the New Zealand and was the second most capped All Black ever with 79 Intermationals Helped re-create the position of Lock, where lacking is weight in the scrum,  he made it up with presense and manuerabilty around the pitch.  First forward to score three tries in a Super 12 Match when be performed the Hat Trick against the NSW Warathas in 1996.


This is an old team picture.  Most of these guys are alumni by now.  I'm not in this one


fall 2000 Rugby scedule


sat sept. 29                                                                        Colby Soyer  Home

on game on Coloumbus day weekend

the next saturday                              Green Moutain College   Home(I think)

the next saturday                                                                             middlebury

                                        (Middlebury game will be played at Williams College)

there may be some games after that but I'm not sure about them.



Eddie O'Sullivan

Ireland, Assistant National Coach 
  Former USA Assistant Coach

apeared at the World Rugby Conference the I attended in Lake Placid NY.



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