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Birthday Gifts

therer are a couple of thing that I want for my birthday. money is always a good idea. I could also use a printer for my computer. I don't need any more dishes or pots and pans because I think I have enough. DVD's or TV might be nice.

ooh, I could also use a cordlessphone. you can never have too many cordless phones. also a good Digital radio might be nice. here is a list of the DVD's that I have so I don't get any doubles.

the mummy returns
  tomb raider
  american history X
  the Patriot
  the crow salvation
  new jack city

also I have a nice computer desk that my aunt's worked so hard to get to me, but it dosen't have one of those pull out things for the keyboard(see below) I know they sell them, but I haven't been able to find one. Also, one of those vacume food savers would be greatly appreciated.(bottom picture.)