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·         Over THREE years of proven experience in the areas of software design and development, and database design using Java technologies including Java 2, Java Swing, JDBC, and MySQL.

·         Experience in full life cycle development of applications, requirements determination, technical planning, scheduling, design, implementation, testing, and post-implementation support.

·         Extensive experience in java development environment.

·         Worked extensively with backend development in java using jdbc, server side and client side sockets, and server side application development.

·         Ability to identify business needs and requirements, develop plans, and lead implementation of plans for growth and development.

·         Experience in J2EE, and EJB.

·         Capability to keep up to date with current technology and always willing to learn new technologies.

·         Self-motivated and dependable software engineer.

·         Flexible and versatile with leadership and team-building qualities.

·         Ability to thrive in deadline-driven environment and to handle work pressure.

·         Comfortable to work in a team as well as individually.

·         Expert in analyzing system requirements and designing systems that confirm to the requirements.



Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts(MCLA) (CUM LAUDE)




Dion Money Management Williamstown, MA

Software Engineer February 2003 – Present


Project: HOTLINE

Dion Money Management releases daily stock market commentaries that are placed on our website and sent through email. Market analysts write the commentary in Microsoft Word and all previous HTML conversion was done by hand. I personally designed and developed a system to better create, convert and better distribute the market commentary.




·         Developed a VB.NET application that identifies and highlights possible spam words for revision.

·         Created a module which converts the Microsoft word document to HTML preserving all formatting.

·         Coded Data-Access-Objects (DAO) using ODBC to access Microsoft Access database.

·         Using DAO, HTML tables and graphs are generated dynamically.

·         The generated HTML for hotline is stored back in a Microsoft Access database.

·         Designed an FTP client to upload the hotline commentary to multiple websites.

·         RSS & Atom Feeds: Developed online syndication system using RSS and Atom feeds for market commentary.

·         Designed various adapters in VB.NET to translate articles stored in Microsoft Access database into well-formed XML.

·         Created the necessary ASP scripts to dynamically generate several different versions of news feeds.

·         Implemented repository module for archiving and retrieving older hotlines.

·         Created and deployed online viewing capability of older hotlines from the repository using ASP.NET.

·         This project resulted in an increase in subscribers to this hotline from under 10,000 to over 20,000 within six months, and over 30,000 within one year.



Dion Money Management outgrew its existing phone system and needed to upgrade to a system that was flexible, scalable, had remote access capabilities, and had extensive reporting capabilities.




·         Managed a team of three to install and program a network of over 40 Mitel 5200 VoIP phones.

·         Set up and configured a Mitel SX-200 phone center and configured the My Administrator program.

·         Set up voicemail and ACD systems, Implemented phone system hierarchy, and designed and maintained custom tracking and reporting software.

·         Implemented Prairiefyre software to give real-time reporting and statistics about phone conversations to better develop telemarketing productivity and improve close rates.



Dion Money Management had a static outdated site. They were looking for a dynamic site that could dynamically post changing information, allow subscribers to change user information, and allow prospective clients to easily and securely submit financial information.




·         Responsible for identifying, planning, and designing interactive parts of the website

·         The front end uses PHP hosted on an Apache web-server on a Linux machine.

·         The backend uses a dedicated MySQL server.

·         Part of project involved developing an online help center that answered common questions for visitors to the websites.

·         Designed PHP server side scripts so that depending upon what user selects is his/her problem, necessary action to remedy the problem is taken.

·         Coded Prepared SQL Statement Remedy action is decided by submitting queries to the MySQL database. and emailed the user the proper response, and routed questions to the proper department.

·         Developed web based PDF generator so the clients would have an easier time submitting forms to the company. This saved time and improved the client close rate by 15%


Project: SPYDER

Dion Money Management markets to around 100,000 people every week through postal mail for generating direct sales leads as well as newsletter subscribers. I worked in a team of three to develop a list management system called SPYDER which generates real time lists based on selected criteria. Automated queries assemble lists always on time. Critical statistical analyses such as success rate of mailings are generated which enables better targeting of prospects. Spyder has saved the firm thousands of dollars and grown the business by 30% in one year by better targeting prospects. Future updates of the system will include support for a subscription based newsletters.




·         Worked in a development team for complete project life cycle, my responsibilities included requirements determination, technical planning, scheduling, design, implementation, testing, and post-implementation support.

·         SPYDER involves a N-tier system where the user directly interacts with the database. The front end is designed in java swing. The backend database is a dedicated MySQL server on a Linux platform.

·         Designed various modules and adapters such as Search UI, Import new Lists, Setup mailing list Schedules.

·         Various Adapters have been written such as to transform the user interaction with the Search UI to underlying SQL. Adapters facilitate software re-usability making the code for SPYDER scalable and flexible

·         Modular design approach is used and hence user interface is completely separate from business logic. Modular design further facilitates scalability. Modules such as Search UI, Import new Lists, Setup mailing list Schedules, etc are completely independent of each other.

·         Currently, working on migrating SPYDER to J2EE.



·         Worked in a small group designing an inventory and scheduling database application using and an Access database for the Woman’s Infants and Children’s Association (WIC). This program is scheduled to be used statewide next year.



Languages- Primary: Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, VBA, SQL, HTML, XML, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, PHP, CORBA, ..NET

Secondary: FORTRAN, Pascal, Ada, , Perl\CGI, ColdFusion, PASCAL ,SMALLTALK,

Databases- Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

Operating Systems- Windows Server, Red-Hat Linux, UNIX, Novell NetWare.



President of the Phi Omega Chi chapter of the Alpha Chi Rho national men’s fraternity. Senate Chairperson, Student Government Association of MCLA. Member of the Albany Knickerbockers Rugby Football Club.

Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. President of the MCLA Rugby Football Club.